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by Maryam Ershadi Yusefzadeh / Thomas Nordlund

A collaboration between vocalist Maryam Ershadi Yusefzadeh and guitarist Thomas Nordlund featuring adventurous arrangements of traditional Persian folk songs and new original compositions.


Divide Avenue

by Thomas Nordlund

The debut release by guitarist and composer Thomas Nordlund is a nostalgic road song, narrated through the gritty sounds of electric baritone guitar. The music paints a cinematic ode to his travels through the expansive landscapes of Baja, Mexico.

Instrumental albums don’t come along often anymore and fewer still are memorable. Nordlund’s album is distinguished by many things, but one of its crowning characteristics is its aura. Divide Avenue feels like an album meant to last and a personal statement. There isn’t a second of filler to be found and even less pretention or self-indulgence.
— Cyrus Rhodes ~ No Depression
Connecting with this music isn’t difficult. It’s a vibrant work of musical art and one of the best instrumental releases in recent memory.
— Lance Wright ~ Indie Music Review
This is an impressive release by any measure. Thomas Nordlund is musician as magician, a playing talent capable of fleshing out entire landscapes with only a few notes. There is something almost painterly about this album, even literary. Divide Avenue is a moving work of musical poetry.
— Lydia Hillenburg ~ Skope Magazine
Regardless of genre, this is one of the year’s most compelling debuts. Nordlund’s musical acumen and imagination are off the charts and it’s reflected in an eight song collection that manages to entertain, challenge, provoke, and soothe in the same package. Divide Avenue has real substantive value and broad based appeal.
— David Shouse ~ Gashouse Radio

Divide Avenue: Demos

The demos of what became “Divide Avenue” reveal the songs in their first iteration.